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Tony Sheridan

  • Komplette Discography auf Innencover von Tony Sherdan Vol. 1 LP
  • LPs
    My Bonnie with The Beat Brothers/Beatles (1962) auch als Let´s Do the Madison, Twist, Locomotion, Slop, Hully Gully, Monkey (1963)
  • Just A Little Bit of Tony Sheridan with The Bobby Patrick Big Six (1964)
  • Meet The Beat 25 cm (1965)
  • My Babe with The Big Six (1965)
  • Tony Sheridan Rocks On (1974 (metronome)
  • Live in Berlin '73 (1974)
  • On My Mind (private release) 1976
  • Ich lieb Dich so (1986)
  • Historical Moments with Rod Davis (2001)
  • Vagabond (2002)

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