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Oh Boy - Jack Goods Original Oh Boy (LP)

MFP 50462

Oh Boy
Jack Goods Original Oh Boy

UK RI (Orig. 1958), LP, Soundtracks
Aufnahme: Mono
Zustand: m-

Featuring Cliff Richard, Vince Eager, The Vernon Girls, John Barry Seven, Neville Taylor and The Cutters, Cuddly Duddly, Dalla Boys and Peter Elliott, with Acknowledgements To The Original A.B.C. Television Production
The LP was recorded on October 19, 1958, before an invited audience, on the day after the eighth show. As in the show, the performers race from one item to the next, without any real break in the music.
Cliff Richard and Peter Elliott had prior bookings, so their songs were recorded later and cut in.

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Albumcover Oh Boy - Jack Goods Original Oh Boy
Coveransicht: Oh Boy - Jack Goods Original Oh Boy

Cliff Richard"T.V. Hop"
The Vernon Girls"Little Jonah"
Cliff Richard"Rockin Robin"
John Barry"When The Saints Go Marchin In"
Vince Eager"Buzz Buzz Buzz"
Neville Taylor & The Cutters"Good Good"
Cliff Richard"High School Confidential"
The Vernon Girls"Bad Motorcycle"
Cuddly Dudley"Hey Hey Hey Hey"
The Dallas Boys"Zing Went The String Of My Heart"
Peter Elliott"Your Hand Your Heart Your Love"
Cliff Richard"Early In the Morning"
Cliff Richard"King Creole"
The Vernon Girls"There´s Never Been A Night"
Neville Taylor & The Cutters"Leroy"
John Barry"Pancho"
Vince Eager"Blue Ribbon Baby"
Neville Taylor & The Cutters"Little Miss Ruby"
Cliff Richard"I´ll Try"
The Vernon Girls"Dont Look Now But"
Cuddly Dudley"Lets Rock With The Rockins Good"
The Dallas Boys"Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho"
Peter Elliott"The End"
Cliff Richard"Somebody Touched Me"