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Paul Anka

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A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine / I Never Knew Your Name

A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine / I Never Knew Your Name

Anka at the COPA (Mono)

Anka at the COPA (Stereo)


Diana / Dont Gamble With Love

Elisabeth / Der schönste Ankerplatz

Eso Beso (That Kiss) / Give Me Back My Heart

Excitement On Park Avenue - Live At the Waldorf-Astoria

Forever - 32 Hits and the Story of Paul Anla (DLP)

Hello Jim

I Cant Give You Anything But Love / Train Of Love

I Love You Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me


Les filles des Paris sont les plus jolies du monde/ I Love Paris /Put Your Head On My Shoulder / Dont Ever Keave Me

Lets Sit This One Out

Lonely Boy / Late Last Night

More Superhits (Take Off Reihe)

My Heart Sings

Paul Anka on Tour (stereo)

Paul Ankas 21 Golden Hits - Newly Recorded

Rare Anka Vol. 1

Sings His BIG 15 Vol. 2

Sings His BIG 15 Vol. 2

Songs I Wish I´d Written

Strictly Nashville

The Fabulous Paul Anka and others

The Story Of My Love / Dont Say You´re Sorry

Times Of Your Live

Times Of Your Live

(I Believe) There´s Nothing Stronger Than Our Love / Today i Became A Fool

1962/11 November 1962/II

1962/11 November 1962/II


Anka Again (EP)

Chante ses plus grande succes (DLP)

Chitarra, vino e amore (A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine) / Piangero per te

Cindarella / Kissin On The Phone

Crazy Love / Let The Bells Keep Ringing

Dimmi subito di si (Tonight My Love Tonight) / Un ricordo per te

Estate senza te/Domani prendo il primo treno


Goodnight My Love


Hello Jim

I Love You Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me

Il Tuo Compleanno / Gli Amici e Tu

Italian Graffiti 1962


Late Last Night / I Miss You So

Life Goes On


Live in New York

Love Makes The World Go Round / Crying In The Wind

My Way

My Way

My Way and other Love Songs

Ogni Giorno (Love Me Warm and Tender Dear)/ Voglio Sapere

Ogni Volta / Stasera resta con me

Parade der SuperStars

Paul Anka (Buddah LP)

Paul Anka (Hit Parade International)

Paul Anka (Live in New York)

Paul Anka - 11. April - The Music Man

Paul Anka - Famous Stars

Paul Ankas Greatest Hits

Paul Ankas Greatest Hits

Paul Ankas Greatest Hits

Rare Anka Vol. 1

Remember Diana (EP)

Sings his Big 15

Sings His BIG 15 Vol. 2

Sings His BIG 15 Vol. 3

Somebody Loves You

Songs I Wish I´d Written (Orig.)

Swings For Young Lovers

The Best of Paul Anka

The Entertainer

The Lonely Boy

The Painter

Toinight My Love Tonight / Im Just A Fol Anyway

Verboten (Forbidden) (engl gesungen) / Midnight

You Are Having My Baby / Papa

Young Alive And In Love

Zwei Mädchen aus Germany CD

Zwei Mädchen aus Germany / Sunshine Baby

  • Die ersten Singles
  • 1956 I Confess / Blau-Wilde Deveest Fontaine
  • 1957 I Love You Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me
  • 1957 Sing, Sing, Sing / Faibles Femmes Artone; 22.060
  • 1957 White Christmas / Jingle Bells Artone; 22.097
  • 1957 Diana / Don`t Gamble With Love
  • 1958 (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings / That`s Love
  • 1958 Crazy Love / Let the Bells Keep Ringing

  • 1958 Down By The Riverside / You Belong To Me Artone; 22.064
  • 1958 Just Young / So It`s Good-bye
  • 1958 Midnight / Varbsten
  • 1958 The Teen Commandments / If You Learn to Pray
  • 1958 Tonight My Love, Tonight / I`m Just A Fool Anyway

  • 1958 Train Of Love / I Can`t Give You Anything But Love Artone; 22.109
  • 1958 What You`ve Done to Me / That`s Right
  • 1958 You Are My Destiny / When I Stop Loving You


  • Single-Erfolge
  • Diana, 1957
  • You are my destiny, 1958
  • Crazy love, 1958
  • My heart sings, 1958
  • Lonely boy, 1959
  • Put your head on my shoulder, 1959
  • It`s time to cry, 1959
  • Puppy love, 1960
  • My home town, 1960

  • Summer`s gone, 1960
  • The story of my love, 1961
  • Tonight my love tonight, 1961
    Kissin` on the Phone, 1961
  • Cinderella, 1961
  • Dance on little girl, 1961
  • Love me warm and tender, 1962
  • Can I murcle the time, 1962
  • A steel guitar & a glass of wine, 1962
  • Having my baby, 1974
  • One man one woman, 1974
  • I don`t like to sleep alone, 1975
  • Times of your life, 1975


In meiner Artist Gallery hatte ich aus dem Netz heruntergeladene Biographien, Fotos und Diskographien der Interpreten meiner privaten Schallplattensammlung und des Secondhand-Angebots öffentlich zugänglich gemacht. Nach völlig überzogenen Abmahnungen mehrerer Anwaltskanzleien habe ich nun alle Fotos von Interpreten für den öffentlichen Zugang gesperrt. Die Gesetzeslage verlangt, dass man für jedes Foto und jede Kurzbiographie oder Zeitungsmeldung zu einem Interpreten eine Genehmigung einholt und eine Lizenzgebühr bezahlt, auch wenn diese gar nicht der Verkaufsförderung dienen. Ein Disclaimer, Fotos oder Texte zu entfernen, wenn der Urheber dies verlangt, schützt leider in Deutschland nicht vor Schadensersatzforderungen und Abmahngebühren.

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