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The Aquatones - Just For "You" (RI) (LP)

FARGO Records
RELIC 5033

The Aquatones
Just For "You" (RI)

Eintrag bei DISCOGS (extern)

US RI, LP, US-Rock
Aufnahme: Stereo
Zustand: m-

mit You, So Fine, She Is The One For Me u.a.

Preis in Euro: 12,00

Albumcover The Aquatones - Just For "You" (RI)
Coveransicht: The Aquatones - Just For "You" (RI)

The Aquatones"She Is The One For Me"
The Aquatones"You (Alternate Take)"
The Aquatones"My One Desire (Alternate Take)"
The Aquatones"Say You Will Be Mine"
The Aquatones"Everytime (Alternate Take)"
The Aquatones"My Darling"
The Aquatones"The Drive-In"
The Aquatones"Our First Kiss"
The Aquatones"In The Still Of The Night (Teen Kings)"
The Aquatones"You"
The Aquatones"So Fine"
The Aquatones"Crazy For You"
The Aquatones"Light Up The Sky"
The Aquatones"My Treasure"
The Aquatones"For You, For You"
The Aquatones"Wanted (A Solid Gold Cadillac)"
The Aquatones"There Is A Long, Long Trail"
The Aquatones"You Are My Love (Teen Kings)"

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