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Janis Joplin

  • 1967 Big Brother & The Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin
  • 1968 Cheap Thrills
  • 1969 I Got Dem 'Ol Kozmic Blues Again, Mama
  • 1970 Pearl
  • 1972 Live
  • 1973 Greatest Hits
  • 1975 Janis (Soundtrack)
  • 1982 Farewell Song

    Bekannte Lieder [Bearbeiten]

  • All is Loneliness
  • A Woman left lonley
  • Ball And Chain (Cover von Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton)
  • Cry Baby
  • Down On Me
  • Little Girl Blue (Cover von Judy Garland)
  • Me And Bobby McGee (Cover von Kris Kristofferson)
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Move Over
  • Summertime (Cover von George Gershwin)
  • Take another little Peace of my Heart (Piece of my Heart)
  • To love somebody (Cover von Bee Gees)
  • Try
  • Ruby Tuesday

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