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The T-Bones
Ines Taddio
Johnny Tame & Peer Maffay
The Tams
Dicky Tarrach
Phil Tate
Die Tattoos
Little Johnny Taylor
Ko Ko Taylor
Ted Taylor
Billy Taylor and The Teardrops
Johnnie Taylor
King Size Taylor
Vince Taylor
Felice Taylor
Teddy Technik
Die Teddies
The Teddy Bears
Tee Set
Teen Queens
TELDEC Informations-Schallplatte
Bob Telden
Telefunken Sampler
Mieke Telkamp
Die Telstars
The Temperance Seven
The Temptations
Ten Wheel Drive
Ten Years After
Die Tennessee Boys
Tennessee Three
Dan Terry
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
David Terry
Jack Terry (Werner Cypries)
Terry Lightfoot and his Band
Johnny Teupen
Joe Tex
Texas Slim and his Cowboys
Thank God Its Friday
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
The Rivets
The Royal Showband Waterford
Wim Thoelke
Thomaner Chor Leipzig
Ben(nie) Thomas
Jimmy Thomas
Jamo Thomas
Peter Thomas
Nicky Thomas
B.J. Thomas
Rufus Thomas
Carla Thomas
Irma Thomas
Jean Thome
Bill Thompson
Franz Thon
Big Mama Thornton
The Three Degrees
Three Dog Night
Johnny Thunder
Heidi Thuns
Björn Tidmand
The Tielman-Brothers
Tight Fit
Nadja Tiller und Walter Giller
Johnny Tillotson
Time Beats
Gert Timmerman
Tiny Tim And the Hits
Tiny Tim
Tippie & the Clovers
Cal Tjader
The Tokens
Tom & Tommy
Tom Dooley Trio
Tommy Bruce
Top Notes
Topsy (Monika Bendorff)
The Torero Band
Johnny Tores
Tony (Tornado)
George Torres And The Twisters
Vico Torriani
Ed Townsend
The Trade Winds
Bobby Lee Trammel
The Tramps
Die Tramps
Trapp-Familie/ Trapp Family Singers
The Trashmen
Anita Traversi
John Travolta
The Tremeloes
Susanne Trempner
Charles Trenet
The Tribes
Trinidad Rio
Trio Kolenka
Trio Los Amigos
Trio Marino (Danny Marino)
Trio Raisner
Trio Schmid (Geschwister Schmid)
Trio Segura
Trio Sorrento
The Troggs
The Truth
Mario Tuala
Tommy Tucker
Ulrich Tukur
Will Tura
The Turbans
Ike Turner
Jesse Lee Turner
Sammy Turner
Big Joe Turner
Ike & Tina Turner
Ruby Turner
Tina Turner
Ronny Twen (Mecky Miller)
Twice As Much
Oliver Twist
The Twisters
Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty und Loretta Lynn
Two Live Crew
Big T Tyler
Bonnie Tyler
Typical Tropical

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