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Gala International

Gee Records

US1985 (Orig. 1961)SGLP 706
The RegentsBarbara-Ann
USRI 1963 (Orig.1956)GLP 701
Frankie Lymon & The TeenagersThe Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon

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Geffen Rec

D1991GEF 24427
CherLove Hurts
D1991GEF 24427In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
CherLove Hurts
D1991GES 19090
CherOh No Not My baby / Love Hurts
n/a1987XGHS 24 153
Elton JohnGreatest Hits Vol III 1979 - 1987
US19829 2994 -7
Elton JohnBlue Eyes / Hey Papa Legba
US1982GHS 2019
Joni MitchellWild Things Run Fast
US1985GHS 24077
Elton JohnIce On Fire
US1986GHS 24114
Elton JohnLeather Jackets

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D GL 12 006In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Franz ThonWir tanzen Foxtrott: Yes My Darling Daughter / Swanee River (Franz Thon) / Wir tanzen Dixieland: O Sole Mio / Toselli-Serenade (Die Dixielanders)
DGL 14022In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Various ArtistsHits der 20er und 30er Jahre
DGL 12 016
Verschiedene InterpretenSchlager-Rückblende
DSMGL 14 068
Verschiedene InterpretenDie neue große Schlagerparade des Jahres
D1964 GL 14 040
Various GB-ArtistsRhythmus von heute für junge Leute
D1967SMGL 14 098In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Verschiedene InterpretenSchlager-Volltreffer

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golden guinea

SW1970GGL 9002
Emile FordMeet Emile At Gröna Lund Again
SWRI 1970 (Orig. 1965)GGL 9001
Emile FordEmile Under Midnight Sun
UK1958GGL 0096
Barber & BilkThe Best of Barber and Bilk Vol. II
UK1961GGL 0117
Fats and the ChessmenLet ´s Twist
UK1962GGL 0282In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Bill Haley & The CometsRock The Joint
UK1963 GGL 0209
Kenny Ball and his JazzmenKenny Ball´s Golden Hits
UK1963GGL 0146
Joe BrownA Picture Of You
UK1963GGL 0135
Lonnie DoneganA Golden Age of Donegan
UK1963GGL 0170
Lonnie DoneganA Golden Age of Donegan Vol. 2
UK1963GGL 0190
Golden Guinea SamplerThank Your Lucky Stars
UK1963GGL 0211
Golden Guinea SamplerCountry Style mit Lonnie Donegan, Miki & Griff, The Countrymen
UK1964GGL 0288
Wink MartindaleDeck Of Cards
UK1973GSGL 10497
Little Eva and Big Dee IrwinSwinging On a Star
UKca 1962GGL 0131
Ball, Barber & BilkThe Best of Ball, Barber and Bilk

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Golden Hour

UKGH 505
Golden Hour SamplerOriginal Smash Hits (Diff. Cover)
UKGH 544
Golden Hour SamplerThose Tuneful 50s
UKGH 580
Chris BarberGolden Hour Of Chris Barber And His Jazzband
UKGH 602
Golden Hour SamplerTrad Jazz Vol 2
UKGH 854
Golden Hour SamplerAmerican Teenage Classics
UK1971GH 501 (Auf Cover 86 288 XAT) 86 288XAT
The KinksGolden Hour Of The Kinks
UK1971GH 506 , Aufkleber 86 287 XATIn meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
DonovanGolden Hour of Donovan
UK1972GH 525
Golden Hour SamplerSupergroups of the 60s
UK1972GH 526
Golden Hour SamplerTrad Jazz
UK1972GH 808
The PlattersGreatest Hits (Golden Hour)
UK1972 (Orig. / Dickes Vinyl)GH 541
The SearchersGolden Hour Of The Searchers
UK1973GH 556
Status QuoGolden Hour of Status Quo
UK1973GH 558
The KinksGolden Hour of The Kinks Vol. 2
UK1973GH 563
Golden Hour SamplerOriginal Golden Oldies
UK1973GH 565
Lonnie DoneganGolden Hour Of Golden Hits Vol. 2
UK1973GH 571
David GarrickGolden Hour Of David Garrick
UK1973GH 572
Long John BaldryHeartaches
UK197488 350 XAT (GH 581)
Joe DolanGolden Hour of Joe Dolan
UK197488 367 XAT
Golden Hour Sampler20 Original Hits Vol. 2
UK1974GH 514
Lonnie DoneganGolden Hour Of Golden Hits
UK1974GH 586 / 88 934 XAT
Mungo JerryMungo Jerry´s Greatest Hits
UK1975GH 594
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam BandLive (Golden Hour of G.W.)
UK1975GH 604
Status QuoDown The Dustpipe
UK1976GH 679
Jimmy James & The VagabondsGolden Hour Of Jimmy James and The Vagabonds
UK1977GH 862In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Golden Hour SamplerSimon Says

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Golden Tone

The Ink SpotsThe Ink Spots Vol. II

Golden 12

DG 12/50In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Peter Lauch und die RegenpfeiferDas Wirtshaus an der Lahn (Teil I und II)
D1964G 12/24aIn meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Peter Lauch und die RegenpfeiferDas kommt vom Rudern, das kommt vom Segeln / Tu es doch noch einmal
D1964G 12/24a
Peter Lauch und die RegenpfeiferDas kommt vom Rudern, das kommt vom Segeln / Tu es doch noch einmal
D1965G 12/27
Casey Jones and the GovernorsDon´t Ha Ha / Nashville Special (instr.)
D1965G 12/27In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Casey Jones and the GovernorsDon´t Ha Ha / Nashville Special (instr.)
D1966G 12/45
Peter Lauch und die RegenpfeiferOh Helen / Das kommt vom Rudern 2. Teil
D1968G 12/LP 2503
Helen VitaDolce Vita Folge II
D1968G12/LP 204
Peter Lauch und die RegenpfeiferPeter Lauchs Sex Magazin
D1969 G 12/88
Jane BirkinJe t´aime... moi non plus (mit Serge Gainsbourg)/Jane B.
D1972G 12/LP 11 902
WindowsMeet The Windows

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Good Time Jazz

ITJolly L 2
Firehouse FiveFirehouse Five plus Two Volume 2 (25 cm)
UKLAG 12087 (Vol. 5)In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Firehouse FiveGo South
UK1955EPG 1057
Firehouse FiveFirehouse Five Plus Two (EP)
UK1955LAG 12089
Firehouse FiveFirehouse Five plus Two Story , Vol. 2
USEP 1033
Firehouse FiveExtended Play
USL 12018
Firehouse FiveGo South
US1953L - 11
Kid OryKid Ory´s Creole Jazzband 1944/45 (25 cm)
US1954EP 1033
Firehouse FiveThe Firehouse Five Story, Vol. 1 (EP)
US1957Good Time Jazz S 10028
Firehouse FiveGoes To Sea
US1960S 10038
Firehouse FiveCrashes a Party
Firehouse FiveAround the World
Firehouse FiveFirehouse 5 plus 2 Vol. 8 (EP)

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US1966GLPS 920
Martha (Reeves) & The VandellasWatchout
The TemptationsWith A Lot Of Soul
US1968 GLPS 938
The TemptationsLive At The Copa
The TemptationsThe Temptations Wish It Would Rain
US1968Gordy 930
Bobby Taylor & The VancouversBobby Taylor and the Vacouvers
The TemptationsTemptations Live
US1969GLPS 944In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
Martha (Reeves) & The VandellasSugar and Spice
US1969GS 933
The TemptationsThe Temptations Show
US1969GS 940
Edwin Starr25 Miles
US1970GS 948
Edwin StarrWar and Peace
US1970GS 954
The TemptationsGreatest Hits II
US1971 G 956 L
Edwin StarrInvolved
The TemptationsA Song For You
The TemptationsWings Of Love
US1976G6-975 S1In meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
The TemptationsDo The Temptations
US19826008 GLIn meinem Secondhand-lp-Angebot vorhanden
The TemptationsReunion
The TemptationsReunion
USRI 1964 (Orig. 1963)G - 7020
The TemptationsFarewell My love / May I Have This Dance

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Logo des Labels Gordy


The TemptationsTemptin´ Temptations
US1966S 919
The TemptationsGreatest Hits
Martha (Reeves) & The VandellasRidin High
Martha (Reeves) & The VandellasGreatest Hits

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Grand Award

The Grand Prix Series

USKS 424
Garnet Mimms and the EnchantersGarnet Mimms / Maurice Monk

Logo des Labels The Grand Prix Series

US1962 KS 187
Tubby ChessTubby Chess & His Candy Stripe Twisters Do the Twist

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US1960GU L 1000
Paul EvansSings The Faboulous Teens

Guest Star

Ray CharlesRay Charles
US1963GS 1469
Ritchie ValensRichie Valens incl. Donna

Logo des Labels Guest Star

Guest Star

US1961G 1448
Neil Sedaka/ The TokensNeil Sedaka and The Tokens / Joe Martin and his Orchestra
US1965 GS 1456
Phil FlowersI Am The Greatest
USWash 06/00 G 1405
Jimmie Rodgers (Pop)Songs America Sings - starring Jimmy Rodgers and Selections by the Lampliters

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Gunshot Rec.

A???GUN 002
Johnny PrestonSings His Hits


US1970GT 0083
Tommy RoeGreatest Hits
US1978K 5014 X
The Five Royals17 Original Greatest Hits
Sheb Wooley (Ben Colder)Greatest Hits Of Sheb Wooley Or Do You Say Ben Colder (DLP)
USRI 1978 (Orig. 1961)K 5019 X
Charles BrownPlease Come Home For Christmas

Logo des Labels Gusto

Guyden Rec.

Neil Sedaka/ The TokensNeil Sedaka With The Tokens